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Thepunishment ( generally washing dishes ) Giving to the odious little cretin Mr Neil when he wet the bed by Peinchka Pete.
jackie 1"Neil has pissed the bed again"
jackie 2"Right that's it Penance"

smoke alarm noise
jackie 3 " Neil if you don't get them fucking dishes done now Peinchka Pete is gonna dish out some reet chaps"
by Andy Chap March 02, 2004
You shout it to get soeones attention, or just cos you have mild tourettes.
"Weest, have you seen that?"
"Weestedy weest its fucking mint!"
by Andy Chap March 02, 2004
When you are reet mint as oot at something.


Physical violence
Booker T is the chap, he reet dished oot the chaps on the worlds strongest cock Mark Henry to win the worlds blackest cock award in the wrestling.
by Andy Chap March 02, 2004

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