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A notoriously easy girl who is willing to engage in intercourse with sketchy men, regarless of physical location.
I can't believe Robyn banged that dude in the Arby's bathroom, man, she's a real dirt arse.
by Andy Cameron May 02, 2003
general insult, most effective against cowards just when the bar's are closing and you want to stir the pot a little.
drunken instigator: yeah that's it, just walk on bug nuts, crawl away into your ford fiesta!!
by Andy Cameron April 23, 2004
an exceptionally rude thing to say to another, particularly if the receiving party is of better social rank.

would also be a killer tattoo to get one's cawk.
professor: "i asked for a 25 page research paper, yours is only 14 and half of it is just pie charts. Do you really think this is up to university standard?"

student: "well suck it and see"

prostitute: "what's that supposed say on your dick?"

john: "'suck it and see' bitch!"
by Andy Cameron April 23, 2004
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