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The most mature, gentlemanly player and streamer in League of Legends, a popular Free-to-Play MOBA-style game. Very calm and collected, experienced, always explains his actions and decisions, often goes off on long rants/explanations that pertain to LoL or online gaming in general. He also has a very diverse playlist (completely devoid of dubstep); many people often keep his stream open just to listen.

If you enjoy watching people play League of Legends, Guardsman Bob is surely your best bet.
Guy 1: Man, HotshotGG is such a whiny, narcissistic bitch! He always blames his teammates for mistakes he himself makes. If he weren't such a drama queen, he would hardly have any viewers at all!

Guy 2: I know, right? Come watch Guardsman Bob instead. He never rages and has a damn good song playlist.

Guy 1: Good idea! Thanks!
by Androth December 26, 2011
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