1 definition by Andronika

A bragger is someone who bosts about themselves and talks about they're acheivements and recognition that they get from others. Or about they're money and/or material possessions. They're intention is usually to big themselves up and inflate they're ego. While attempting to gain approval and attention. People with real confidence and healthy esteem are more self reserved and humble. They dont feel the need to proove themselves or compete with anyone.
"Omg, I got like four job offers since working here and I am getting so many compliments. Also the Canadian Marketing Director wants me to be his personal assistant. That guy is flirting with me to as well as him and him. Oh did I mention I went to this school and have this educational background? I am atleast a little bit educated in every single field of life."- And I am a bragger.
by Andronika August 18, 2011

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