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It is a word that some of my friends and I have used to describe poppy punk type bands. Another definition mentioned Blink 182, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte. Those but we also drop Avril Lavigne into that group, along with Yellowcard, new Green Day, and just generally, punk for the masses, instead of true, good rebellious punk. This is more rebellious conformist music, for people who want to be rebellious without actually trying.
No, I don't listen to that station, they're all ponky.
#pop #punk #music #rock #ponk #yellowcard #avril lavigne #simple plan
by AndrewZM January 22, 2008
In the John Lee Hooker "Bluebird" I believe that he may be calling a USPS truck a bluebird, because he tells the bluebird to "Bluebird, please take this letter down south for me", I have never heard Postal trucks called bluebirds elsewhere, but in the context of the song it makes sense, but also, I'm from Seattle, John Lee Hooker is definitely from the South and our dialects are very different.
Bluebird, please take this letter down south for me.
#bluebird #truck #usps #postal #blues #john lee hooker
by AndrewZM October 17, 2007
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