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The word "Clicky Chippers" originated from sounds similar to those made by clicking instruments...the rest of the word is just funny sounding and yeah basically it's all a load of crap anyways...you use it to describe something you can't remember the name of.
1. "Hey Oswald do you know where the hell I put that those little clicky chippers"?

2. "Holy shit! I lost that clicky chipper again!"
by Andrew187 March 23, 2005
1. A highly overlooked modern rock band with songs like "Cinema" "Endless II" "Independance Day" etc. They are as far from Mainstream as you can get, having never been on MTV even though they're hugely popular to the few who know of them. They often do live concerts..

2. Alternatively, the word "Floater" is more commonly known as a piece of feces that will not flush down the toilet and thus "Floats" on the surface.
1.Yo man, I saw Floater live last night! they were fuckin' awesome!

2. Don't go in that bathroom, some fat bastard left a gnarly floater in there!
by Andrew187 April 26, 2005
A typo made into a ridiculous and abused catch phrase. Generally used when someone does something to another that is shameful or degrading. Commonly used by internet egomaniacs and morons or otherwise, stupid people trying to be "cool"
1. I are teh l337 cuz I pwned u!
2. Holy shit u R a m0r0n. PWNED!
3. Pwned is a word used only by true assclowns and egotistical fools.
by Andrew187 March 26, 2005

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