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1.An American company that seems to be obsessed with nothing other than taking good anime and butchering them into kid shows.For example,editing out blood,violence,death and other things that they think will corrupt our nation's children.This company is said to have entire armies of soccer moms waiting to send tons of hate-mail and other forms of bitching to corporations who try and compete against them.

2.See Anti-Christ.
4Kids will be the downfall of all freedom what-so-ever.
by Andrew RW November 22, 2004
Outline in Visual Basic used to plan out program design.Best used to throw at friends when teacher is oblivious(which is all the time)
****ing TOE chart.Why do we have to ****ing do it when we already have the ****ing design in our ****ing head.
by Andrew RW November 22, 2004
1.Form of Japanese animation with insane fan-base.
2.See cult.
Anime is your god!
It pwnz joo!!!
by Andrew RW November 22, 2004
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