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While a man or a chick sticks their thumb in tha asshole of a woman and tickels her pussey(cooch)-=Like A BanjO=-
OOH boy Andrew that tune u played on that brown banjo last night was stuck in my head all day long!!

Damnit i cant believe that andrew gave me a brown banjo last night

that brown banjo that andrew gave me last nite was AMAZING!!!

DAMN That was almost as good as a rimjob!

by Andrew P February 25, 2004
To pilfer, take, or abscond with an item of any description. "To get" or "to take".

See also yoink and nab.
Damn I'm hon-gree! I gotsta snag me some grub, yo.
by Andrew P January 17, 2004
Like a donkey but much, much more flobber.
What a fucking flobberdonkey.
by Andrew P January 17, 2004
To energetically meander aimlessly, to wander, to move without purpose.
The children wuffled about like little idiots.

Quit wuffling and get to work, Andrew. You're the worst science project partner ever.
by Andrew P January 06, 2004

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