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This is the act performed upon either a male or female, where a person inserts his/her finger into the anus of another individual by suprise. This causes the other persons buttcheeks to clench tightly and in most cases, they will go into a state of paralysis. Go ahead, try it, and prove me wrong.
Aaron K. is not affected by the French Tickle because he is a sick little fag who enjoys the feeling of men's fingers in his anal cavity.
by Andrew McAwesome! August 04, 2006
Prostis is a tragically pleasureful disease that is sweeping the nation.The victim of this disease will experience horribly great symptoms. This disease affects your body such that it does not sweat as it normally would; instead it will secrete semen instead of sweat. As a result, the victim of this disease will orgasm everywhere that the semen is being released. Their skin also becomes quite sticky and gooey, seeing as how it is covered in semen. As one would imagine, this can lead to dangerously delightful orgasms, depending on how vigorous the work out. Playing basketball, for example, can cause a very violent orgasm, so pleasant, that it can actually cause bodily harm. The main cause of death due to prostis, is the snap of the neck, caused by a powerful jerk of the head, due to an almighty orgasm. Transmission of this disease occurs when the semen excreted by the host touches another person.
Kyle infected a whole school with prostis after throwing his sweaty semen at other people.
by Andrew McAwesome! August 06, 2006
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