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The act of parking two police cruisers with the driver's sides adjacent so that the officers can converse through the open windows
"Better slow down, the po-po are cruiser spooning in the parking lot ahead"
by Andrew Lagemann January 26, 2007
The act of parking two police vehicles with the driver's sides facing one another so that the officers can converse through their open windows.
Better slow down. The po-po are cruiser spooning there in the parking lot.
by Andrew Lagemann January 08, 2007
A grouping of avatars in an online role-playing game arranged in a line, rather than the intended point formation. Most likely originates from the Schizm guild of the Thuderlord server in World of Warcraft.
"OMG, noobz - we are not pulling while you're in that schizmstack."
by Andrew Lagemann November 21, 2006
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