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3 definitions by Andrew Jones

Essentially means a faggot, but the word fuck is added for impact.
Armand is a babyraping fuckfaggot!!
by Andrew Jones November 12, 2003
Having a wank.
See Jerking Off, Bashing one out etc.
Has to be said in the right context.
Having a wank = Got your porno hand out.
Often used whilst watching porn.
Liam: Hey you there? Why aren't you talking?
Dave: Hang on I've got my porno hand out!

Andrew: I had my porno hand out three times today!
by Andrew Jones October 17, 2004
A word meaning hardheaded. This word is most popular with Ms. Rizzo(excuse me, I. Rizzo). This term is often heard when you walk into her classroom(along with crackhead, get a new dealer, and anything having to do with "the dick").
You cocoduros! You need a new dealer!
by Andrew Jones March 30, 2005