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Move on to the next woman. It's what intelligent and expirenced people tell idiotic newcomers to do, but they don't listen, and continue to pursue the same woman by giving her flowers and being nice and polite and showing good manners while she goes off and fucks some outlaw biker. Then she tells him about how good the outlaw biker was, and enventually she cries on his shoulder about how the outlaw biker treats her like shit. When and if he asks her out she tells him that she's sorry but she doesn't feel that way about him, and that she just wants to be friends.

God, I'm bitter.
"There's this girl.... blah blah blah.... and she actually looked at be... blah blah blah... I could tell she really liked me, because her eyes were open... blah blah blah blah"

"Dude, just next her, It's obvious she doesn't like you, and she just wants to fuck an outlaw biker. You screwed up, man. Just move on."

"No, I really think I'm in love this time, I'm mean she so pretty, and I think about her all the time... and blah blah blah blah"

by Andrew Callaway January 25, 2004
A extremely talented comedian that married his ex-girlfriend's adopted daughter. Dispite the fact it's not incest, it's still rather creepy.
Woody Allen directed Annie Hall.
by Andrew Callaway August 02, 2003
Not only one of the most popular sources of pornography, but also, althought not well known, a mediocre source of information (mediocre due to all of the pop ups)
My keyboard got all sticky while I was looking at a web site
by Andrew Callaway August 02, 2003
A television show from the 70's, that was good in it's first 3 or four seasons, but when they traded Trapper for BJ, and when Alan Alda, who played hawkeye on the show, got behind the camera and directed and wrote. It was about a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the korean war. It was also a comedy. Before it was a television show it was a movie directed by Robert Altman, a really good director.
I sat around all day wishing I had a job watching mash. I also wish Hotlips would take off her clothes.
by Andrew Callaway December 02, 2003
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