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in the northern region of Chile they call the penis "chuto" and at the same time you can use it to say that something you did was awefully done.
you can also use it as an adjective with a negative connotation referring to people.
"me fue como el chuto en la prueba"
"I didn't do any good in the test"

"eres una persona como el chuto"
"you are a very bad person"
by Andrew Baker December 21, 2004
chutonon is a name you asign to someone that is very cool and badass, you use this word in Chile mostly among young adults and it has some relation to the word "Chuto"
"ese tipo es un chutonon de primera, es muy buen amigo"
"that guy is a cool guy, he is a real friend"

"¿oye chutonon? ¿vamos al persa a comprar el domingo?

hey dude? do you wanna go to the fleamarket on sunday?
by Andrew Baker December 22, 2004

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