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The amazing ability to sense gay or bi (tho mostly the first) by apperence, personality, how they talk, move breathe, practically how they sleep.

Usually the gay/bi ones are always the good looking ones. ie: Nick Lachey, David Beckham, Channing Tatum, Ryan Carnes, Chad Michael Murray

and usually the ugly one's are hetero.
ie: Dick Chaney, George Bush and Bill O Reily (sad isn't it)
Kate: This guy Dave is like a total hottie!
Jeff: Dave? he's gay, my gaydar pinged when i saw him
Kate: ohh thats too bad. who else is gay?
Jeff: Your husband
Kate: Noooo you lie you fag!
Jeff: I slept with him so take that you fat bitch!
by AndreaCow January 28, 2006
The best band to ever grace this world. Better than Dogs Aloud, Patheique, Atomic Shitten and Pussycat trans.

Having 4 UK #1's singles, having a number one album and selling over 1.5 million copies in UK to boot. They have also won a brit award for 'best british dance' act and are nominated at the 2006 brits for best single 'Push The Button'.

Round Round, Stronger and Ace Reject are the most beautifully written, upbeat songs ever.

You go girls!! :D
Jenna: Wow this song is the best. who's it by.
AndreaCow: Sugababes of course!
by AndreaCow January 25, 2006
a bunch of bible-reading fat ugly slags who doesn't notice that their husbands are screwing gorgeous liberal women.
concerned women for America... the only thing you should be concerned about are your husbands infidelity
by AndreaCow December 09, 2006
People who Conservative Republicans have intense hatred for. A moderate republican is someone who holds moderate right wing views. Most likely to support same sex unions, pro-choice, pro-fiscal conservatism, pro-privacy, pro-gun and pro-war. Examples of moderate politicans include Olympia Snowe, Rudi Guiliani and John McCain.

Some Independent voters are actually moderate republicans who usually decides United States presidential elections. They tend to the Republicans if the left wing turn to socialism and tend to the Democrats if the right wing try to shove a bible up your ass.
I should know a moderate republican... because i am one.
by AndreaCow December 09, 2006
an informal slang term for "Can't either". Most likely used by poor black men who live in ghettos or on streets.
black guy - cunt eater
me - what? speak some fucken english you lower class social-welfare vulture
by AndreaCow December 09, 2006
a person who likes to bash gay people because he is hiding homosexual feelings. A gay basher usually buys gay porno then jacks off to it, then feels like he has to act all hetero and bash a gay person.
fag basher: take that you faggot!
fag: why are you stroking my cock? shouldn't you be bashing me?
by AndreaCow January 26, 2006
A country where the men are sleazebags and the women are hairer then a pack of apes.

The Africa of Europe. Also the most over rated country on the face of the earth. Hideous language and accent and it has only two things they try to sell to the rest of the world. Cars and pizza. Like, woop dee fucken doo.
Friend: Ready to go to Italy?
Me: *jumps of a cliff*
by AndreaCow December 09, 2006

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