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When you're getting head, have her smile at you, then cum right on her teeth. Her cum covered teeth will look like Paul Wall's icy grill.
I took a picture of her when i gave her a nice Paul Wall. I think I'll use it at our wedding.
by AndrePaul September 01, 2008
The best things on earth.
I wish I had my own portable boobs that I could keep in my pants
by AndrePaul March 20, 2009
When you pretend to be drunk at a party, or just don't get drunk at a party, then proceed to fuck/have your way with a drunk girl.
I heard you were fuckin chamming Alicia last night

Yeah dude she totally fell for it
by AndrePaul September 01, 2008
When a girl is giving you head, you punch her right in the nose. From the blow she starts seeing stars, and her nose bleeds. You then cum right on her face. There'll be a blue bruise on her face, red and white stripes, and she'll be seeing stars.
Some dude at the party ruined the 4th of July orgy by giving some chick an American Flag right on the couch.
by AndrePaul September 01, 2008

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