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An Asian way of sayin Safe/my brother.
One Asian in a Group:Were gonna jack this place
Other Asian:Kasam,Kasam
by andre.. February 23, 2005
Also used to describe someone wearing something.Sometimes proudly to make it seen.
(2 men in the mall)
Man1:I got my new Aj jacket man
Man2: Yo your tryin to flex that jaket man
by andre.. February 23, 2005
Is like the expression "Bannana".White on the inside and black on the out side. Its another insult to offend a black or asian person trying to act like a white person.
Asian1:I say we go home and sack goin to rusholme(a asian community area in mancheter), well
Asian2: Wat Stop bein a Bounty Bar!
by andre.. February 23, 2005
When some one has been insulted bad this definition is also used
Man1:Your a F** up *** ***
Man2:wat the..?

Man3:(watching the two)you've just been ripped mate(speekin to Man2)
by andre.. February 23, 2005
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