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1. A party held in the bush.
2. A party held in a wooded area.
3. A party held in an urban area that has been overgrown with vegitation. e.g. an empty lot - areas near train tracks etc.
4. A party held on the outskirts of a sub-urban area where empty farmer's fields have yet to be developed.
Q. What's going on this weekend?
A. Not much. Want to check out the bush party down at the tracks?
by Andre Molnar April 28, 2004
Liquor Store
Canadian origin - especially Ontario and Nova Scotia where government run liquor retailers are called the L.C.B.O (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) and N.S.L.C (Nova Scotia Liquor Commission) respectively.
Let's hit the LC - we can pick up a Scarborough Suitcase on the way to the Bush Party

Found in the Sloan song Underwhelmed -
She is obviously a person with a cause
I told her that I don't smoke or drink
She told me to loosen up on her way to the L.C.
by Andre Molnar April 28, 2004
A 12 Pack of Beer.
Canadian Origin - Specifically the Toronto borough of Scarborough.
1970's and 1980's bottled beer came in 12 packs with cardboard handles that stuck out the top - making the package look a lot like a suitcase or toolbox.
Similar phrases - Souix Suitcase - Hammer Suitcase - Big Nickle Suitcase etc.
A term mainly used by hosers.
Lets hit the beer store and pick up a Scarborough Suitcase.

That hoser is on his way to the Bush Party and he's got himself his Scarborough Suitcase.
by Andre Molnar April 28, 2004
see goth
Sally is a bat caver - she digs Bahaus and I dig her Robert Smith harido yeah.
by Andre Molnar April 28, 2004
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