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To sell out or to join stupid trends.
He used to have street cred until he went all MTV.

I need to go to Hollister and get some MTV gear.
by Andizzle4Life August 17, 2005
The recipient of frequent masturbation, usually a sock or old tee-shirt.
Something smelled like graham crackers. It was a washcloth he used as a spank rag, which he kept under his bed.
by Andizzle4Life August 17, 2005
One who is unable to contain the entire amount of male ejaculate in their mouth at once.
She is such a jizz bobbler that I need to keep paper towels by my bed.
by Andizzle4Life August 17, 2005
A smell so pungent it smells like the land of a thousand farts.
Does anyone else think it smells like open butt in here?
by Andizzle4Life August 17, 2005
To keep on hand pamphlets from the varying fringe religions so when they come to the door you can counter them.
There were Jehovah's Witnesses at the door, so I crock blocked them with the Book of Mormon.
by Andizzle4Life August 18, 2005
When two people constantly think alike for no reason, it is said they share a brain in Kentucky.
Great minds think alike... and so do ours!
by Andizzle4Life August 17, 2005
Jon-Mikl Thor, the Canadian bodybuilder turned rocker and Z-rated movie star.
A.K.A. "The Legendary Rock Warrior", "Thunderhawk"

Let's tune our weapons!
by Andizzle4Life August 17, 2005
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