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A Hollaback Girl is a cheerleader. Gwen is saying she isn't a "Hollaback Girl", meaning she's not a regular cheerleader. She's the captain. You can tell by the way she dresses in the video, and by what she's saying. She's probably talking about somebody who spreads rumors about her character that she's sick of. So she wants to settle this. She's also trying to cheerlead at the same time. So she and her band of cheerleaders go and fight the person spreading rumors, who thinks I'll be one-on-one. But he was mistaken. The "B-A-N-A-N-A-S!" part is her character saying that it's stupid and driving her bananas. That's my guess. And another thing; Gwen didn't make up the word. It was uncommon slang until she used it, but people did say it before she made the song.
"I ain't no Hollaback Girl."

Gwen dresses as a captain cheerleader in the video. She also has a bunch of people following her around in it. So she's probably not one of the wannabes; she's saying her character is the leader, not a follower.
by Anastasia926 December 10, 2005

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