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To alter or adjust accounting or other records ("books"), evidence, statements, etc., usually fraudulently or unethically, in such a way as to make them take on a different meaning or appearance.
"That company is actually bankrupt, but they are going to cook the books to make it appear solvent."

"Joe's experiments all failed, but he cooked the records and now everyone thinks he's a genius."

by anarcissie May 17, 2008
Rubbing of any kind for sexual pleasure; masturbation, of oneself or another. Probably from Latin frico (rub) or frictio (rubbing). Also used as a semi-euphemism for _fuck_ by itself or in phrases. Usually derogatory or contemptuous.
"We found out where Jack was -- frigging in the supplies room again." "Frigging in the rigging." "Frig off." "He is so frigging crazy."
by anarcissie May 12, 2008
Secret-agent work in which someone is murdered. Also 'wet work' or 'wet operation'. Term was invented by KGB and is a translation of the Russian mokroe delo.
Terminating the leader of the opposition with extreme prejudice was a wet job for which Agent Morcomb was admirably suited.
by anarcissie January 14, 2011
(adj) Someone or something which has reached an absolute, final, or perfect stage, usually as a cool, fashionable, good or desirable thing. (Mid-20th century hipster argot; the idea is that the person or thing is so good it has left the party, town, or planet.)
"Man, she is one gone chick."
by anarcissie May 12, 2008
(adj. and adv.) Not right, not correct, impolite, rude, improper, treyf, crazy; not ready, not alert; in baseball and softball, not touching one of the bases and thus vulnerable to being tagged out.
"I don't like Hillary either, but his remarks about her were way off base."

"Joe was off base so he was easily tagged out."
by anarcissie May 16, 2008
A set rhetorical form of great antiquity in which the speaker or writer deplores the unusual and previously unheard-of deficiencies of the present young in morals, manners, taste, dress, intellectual achievement, awareness, energy, self-discipline, appearance, etc. etc. etc. Often applied ironically. Sometimes expanded to 'people these days'.
'I see where Will has another "kids these days" column out. He never seems to tire of telling us how we're going to the dogs.'
by anarcissie October 29, 2011
In a non-ordinary state of consciousness, especially one in which one is removed from physical reality; in a trance; out of it; out to lunch; dreaming while awake. Probably derived from 'The Twilight Zone', a TV program dealing with fantasy, science fiction, the occult, etc. Also 'zoned out', 'zoning'.
The driver of the truck that hit me seemed to be completely zoned -- the cops took him away, and left me sitting on the curb.

-- I'm by myself, but I'm not alone / I spend a lot of time in the Twilight Zone. -- (James Taylor)
by anarcissie January 19, 2011

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