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The act of farting on someone while they are giving you a blowjob.
This chick was going down on me and I gave her a Greasy Torres.
by AnalAssassin August 11, 2007
While in the act of licking your girl ass..she farts in your mouth, you catch it, hold a lighter up and then..Spit fire!!
"I was licking Keleighs ass she farted and I grabbed my lighter and did The Flamming Lam"
by AnalAssassin August 22, 2007
When a female or male sticks thier finger up your ass then pulls it out and licks it like a lollipop.
"This chick was fingering my ass and she did a Chirillo Lollipop"
by AnalAssassin August 11, 2007
When you stick your finger in an exposed butt crack.
"When Angie was bent over I had to give her a Chanele No.5"
by AnalAssassin August 11, 2007

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