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1 definition by AnOtHeR_mArY

A Mary is someone who seems shy, quiet, and frightened at everything but when you get to know her she is really outgoing, talkative, and brave. Holy because of her name, she will stay an innocent angel, never doing anything wrong. A Mary is a great singer, sweet and caring, and optimistic. Either a Cheerleader or a Popular Prep. Girly. Usually a peacemaker. Ditzy and unaware of pervy things going on. Lives in her own world.
Person: "haha, that joke was awesome!"
Mary: "Wait, I don't get it."

Person: "Mary's so quiet!"
Friend: "Are you kidding? She doesn't shut up!"

Friend: "We're not gonna win!"
Mary: "Not with that attitude! Go!!! SPARTANS!"
by AnOtHeR_mArY October 24, 2009
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