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Another word for a head
I was shot in the the melon and now my melon hurts.
by Anarchy September 28, 2003
one who does not speak on IRC
The boys and girls in #sniperz are idlers!
by anarchy May 06, 2003
To fix something the Alabama way.
Duck taping a bumper on a car
by Anarchy July 16, 2003
The archetype of anarchy.
I am the anarchetype.
by Anarchy November 23, 2004
The definition of God. That is one being, mythilogical to some, real to others, that is said to have control over our fate. Fate is the control of one from another, slavery is the same thing as fate, therefore God is a slave-holder. BREAK THE CHAINS OF SLAVER!!!! SO SAYS ANARCHY!!!
African Americans were slaves to the whiteman, they lived there live according to what there slaveholder said, Christians live thier lives according to what God says, therefore they are enslaved by him/her/whatever.
by Anarchy May 24, 2003
it is a state where there is no government... usually violent.
you dont need an example you idiots!
by AnArChY May 22, 2003
one who will request an event, yet at the time of actualization for the event, they cancel.
Miss B requested an orgy, but at the time they were offered such a sexual event, they became a piker.
by anarchy May 06, 2003

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