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"Stun Grenade" or "Flash Grenade" used by law enforcement. Combines a flash of light and a loud noise (imagine that) to startle, immobilize, or stun an enemy as the team makes entry.

It's also the grenade in CS that makes your screen go white for a full second. Desired use is associated with room clearing and pwning the other team, so why are my teammates the only ones who ever seem to use them on me?
I totally flashbanged my team and it won the game.
by An Asshole October 06, 2003
a word with no meaning
you yug
go yug your self
by an asshole September 17, 2003
Metasyntactic variable. Qux / Quux / Quuux, and so on, used as "temporary variables" in programs where variable names have no specific use or the variable name will be changed in the future. Also used in this manner are "FOO" and "BAR".
if (qux > 1) {
System.out.println("Var greater than one")
by An Asshole October 07, 2003
That was a joke, son.

Popular abbreviation in the everything2 community. Its use is frowned upon by serious noders.
Counter-Strike is absolutely the best game ever. (TWAJS)
by An Asshole April 28, 2004
Verb. "To fornicate". Use brilliantly demonstrated by my friend Mike, who had just drank two bottles of Listerine and retardedly called his girlfriend at 1:30 AM to spew the following quote:
"We should bone."
by An Asshole October 06, 2003
Series of highbrow films often associated with the wapanese. Erotic art that, according to conniseurs of fine entertainment (that is to say, Anime fans), you are doomed never to understand.

Plot line often consists of poorly developed characters being raped by demons. With tentacles. And there's ninjas. I swear.
"I totally got the La Blue Girl box set yesterday. Oh, and my doctor says there's an abscess in my ass from never leaving the computer."
by An Asshole October 06, 2003

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