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AnonTalk is a semi-anonymous bulletin board, with a Sysop that censors any post that criticizes him or AnonTalk, or any post with a spelling error or meme, even for comedic effect. Sysop does not have a sense of humor, and is a total hypocrite, saying he hates /b/, spamming it nonsensically with advertisements saying that /b/ is for retards and that they should come to AnonTalk, and then being a whiny faggot when /b/ spams back.

AnonTalk is semi-anonymous. Sysop assigns each poster a letter, ensuring that everyone knows exactly who you are, though it's a relative identity rather than an absolute identity (Poster B versus ilikepoop@gmail.com).

He censors any post with 4chan in it, replacing it with "Retardchan", thus imposing his fail onto others. Sysop also allows direct links to CP, resulting in his site being closed down multiple times due to him being a retard and most likely fapping to the CP that was posted when he should have been moderating his board.

In other words, this is a cesspool of pedophiles. Please visit 4chan instead, where the mods are smart enough to delete CP so that their site isn't closed down.
Hey, AnonTalk sure is full of faggots, eh?
by An Anontalk Poster June 12, 2009

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