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average frustrated chump. In the community of pick up artists and in groups of self help students of pick up (game/dating). an average frustrated chump or afc refers to someone who has no game and tends to repel women rather than attracting them.
That AFC was talking to a girl over there about gross things and bodily functions and still can't figure out why she wont give him her number.
by An AFC and a Chode June 27, 2011
among the definitions of other people mention it as an insult but no one describes what is insulting about it. A person who is a chode is a person other people don't want to be around. Said chode may be socially awkward, abrasive, irritating, or just plain creepy. When labeled a chode in a social circle is to be made osterisized by that group.
Oh my gosh that creepy dude was hitting on me at the bar. He is such a chode. He won't leave me alone.
by An AFC and a Chode June 27, 2011

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