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Said (poo-zah)
As 'phuza' is the traditional zulu term for drink, it follows that 'phuza thursday' is the act of drinking (most commonly binge drinking) on a thursday night.
This has become a burgeoning tradition among South African youth, with Thursday nights almost replacing Friday nights as occasions for heavy drinking.
'Arno I hope you have four boxes of wine at the ready for Phuza Thursday tonight!'
by Amy Heydenrych May 16, 2008
The term for a student at South Africa's Rhodes University.
Rhodes is notorious for its heavy-drinking scene. Thus, being a Rhodent is also synonymous with drinking heavily.
'Everyone was funneling vodka and downing wine from the bottle, it was a typical Rhodent party.'
by Amy Heydenrych May 16, 2008
To place faith and confidence in.
To back.
'I rate myself as a good golfer'
by Amy Heydenrych May 16, 2008
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