19 definitions by Amy Christ

n. lesbian or bisexual girl. a female who lifts other females' skirts.
girl to guy hitting on her at pub: sorry, you've got the wrong equipment. i'm a skirtlifter.
by Amy Christ November 19, 2007
term used for genitalia. apropriate for both male and female.
"I want to get my hoo ditty doo pierced but I'm not too keen on the idea of dropping my draws and letting some strange guy stick a needle through my clit."
by Amy Christ April 29, 2005
someone mentally retarded.

one who rides the short bus to school.
"that bitch is SO stupid. what a short bus rider."
by amy christ April 29, 2005
slang for crystal meth.
i'm so strung out, i've been on that dirty lady and haven't slept for 2 weeks.
by Amy Christ May 01, 2005
euphemism for female genitalia
loser at the bar: "we have so much in common"
me: "no we dont. you just want to put your dick in my fun stuff. thats no similarity. thats an unfortunate situation."
by amy christ September 08, 2005
an ugly or haggard person.

one who has been rode hard and put away wet.
"there goes that mangy old hooker. man, is she a swarthy sea captain or what?"
by Amy Christ April 29, 2005
v. to steal something or rip someone off as if you were a pirate.
my friends dragged me to some fuckstick's house so i entertained myself by gaffling his CD collection pirately.

i wish i were reading the newspaper right now but it was gaffled pirately off of the lawn.

i thought i was buying acid but got gaffled pirately. it was fuckin fake.

im gonna gaffle pirately this shirt from the store.
by Amy Christ November 19, 2007

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