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A.K.A Casey Heynes, a Aussie kid who became famous after standing up against his bully by giving him an Atomic Buster the likes of which the world has never seen (the bully could barely even walk). With the YouTube video gaining millions of views, street fighter remixes, responses and hearts, it's widely regarded as one of the best examples of standing up for oneself.
The bully was given an Atomic crash course in karma by the Zangief Kid.
by AmishNightVision March 21, 2011
When you knock someone out so hard they appear to have died
In Jersey shore when Ronnie knocked that other guy out cold and was laying still on the sidewalk

"Yo did you see Jersey Shore last night?"

"Yea man Ronnie deaded that nigga with one punch lmao"

by AmishNightVision January 30, 2011

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