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A person or should I rather say a dick who likes to reminisce about every little thing and somehow tie it into their present life. The smallest things takes them back to a time and their so annoying about it, they become a nostalgic+dick=.....
Mike: Omg, Jenny!

Jenny: What?

Mike: This glass of Orange Juice reminds me of the OJ Simpson trial...

Jenny: Stop being a nostaldick!
by AmethystAnarchyAngel November 07, 2011
A word typically used by people in the "Ghetto" describing a person that likes to see another fail or unhappy for another to succeed. As of late, the word is now an over-used word, used by your typical liberal/conservative young, suburban soccer mom or dad.
Becky: Like OMG I learned a new word from that rapper.... Umm... what's his name? 25 cents, I think.

Tanner: Oh that is so totally rad Becky!!! What's the new word?

Becky: Hater... I think is so friggin AWESOME. I think I'm going to use it in every sentence I use.

Tanner: Me 2 Becky!!!!!!!! Let's go frolic in the park and be haters together.

Beck: Sure hater!
by AmethystAnarchyAngel November 07, 2011

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