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v. To garnish with the glorious marks of the band known as Zox. Derived from the word "vandalize," but without inheriting the original term's tendency towards negative connotations, zandalism most often comes in the form of those trademark yellow Zox-head stickers. Furthermore, anything/anyone that is marked with the name ZOX, may be considered "zandalized."

Though Zox band has recently refurbished their online image, the yellow Zoxhead will live on forever and always be known as the 5th member of the band that says nothing but "zoxband.com"
I zandalized a stop sign today!

It has become the norm to zandalize your dorm.

Oh, look at that zandalized car bumper. A Zandal must have been here!

I zandalized my roommate after he passed out.

As a member of the Zteam, it is your duty to zandalize every town you visit.

Spencer Swain's left arm is zandalized with a Zox flower.
by Ameh June 20, 2006

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