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Chav is an abbreviation of the phrase "Council House and Violent". Which is used to describe a particular section of British Society. Although in recent years Chavs have spread to mainland Europe, in the hope of more property to vandalise and a fresh society to weigh down.
Normally encountered sporting imitation Adidas tracksuits tucked into their socks; Burberry caps and white training shoes. Should you meet some in public profanities will likely be heard, although to who or what these are are directed is usually difficult to understand. Much like other wild animals most chavs will become defensive if interrupted during their routine activities; these include taggin, smoking/spitting in car parks, congregating outside fast food outlets and having sex with underage girls in alleyways. Although unless they greatly outnumber you, their garbled bark is usually far worse than their bite.
by Amdraz0 January 10, 2010

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