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Okay I am a fashion major and a fashion victim is NOT someone who wears designer clothes. A fashion victim is simply someone who CANNOT DRESS even if their life depended on it and they tried very hard. THEY DO NOT MATCH THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS IN STYlE THEY CANNOT COORDINATE ANYTHING. Simply put they are a hot mess. I do not know where you guys got fashion victim was someone who wore designer clothes and put on loads on fads. Although rockin too many fads can be a part a fashion victim, as stated before and let me set it straight a fashion victim is simply someone who cannot dress.
Girl 1:Girl why is she wearing plaid a shirt, with polka dot shorts, and bright pink socks with neon green reeboks and blue shoelaces?

Girl 2: That girl is a fashion victim for sure she needs to watch What Not to Wear they help fashion victims they could help her ass out
by Ambizzle March 17, 2008

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