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A case that is so big it has an entire police force working on it.
The Washington Sniper case was a red ball for the DC Metro Police.
by Amazing AO October 05, 2005
The condition of being a redophile.
Steven has a bad case scarlet fever, the last three girls he went with were all redheads.
by Amazing AO October 05, 2005
Special Educational Needs. Branch of education in the UK that provides accomadations for pupils with disabilities, problems, and gifts. The American equivalent would be SPED (Special Education).
SEN ensures that that all people willing to learn will be provided fairly with an education.
by Amazing AO October 03, 2005
One who regularly sun bathes.
That girl over there with there sure is tan for a redhead. Take note of the towel beach radio and umbrella, she must be a sun worshipper.
by Amazing AO October 24, 2005
A burn mark caused by gunpowder. Is sometimes seen as a rite of passage to unexperienced shooters on which it happens to frequently.
You see that wound right there? Permanent dragon's blood stain from the first time I fired a thirty-eight.
by Amazing AO September 11, 2005
Used and rolled up tissue or toilet paper.
Will you take that basket out finally? It's spilling over with your snot wontons.
by Amazing AO October 18, 2005
A Bantu word for man used by South Africans and some Britons in place for "nigger".
They called Barbara Castle the "munt lover" after dining with those "savage and hideous" negroes.
by Amazing AO September 30, 2005

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