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3 definitions by Amandita

running up in them guts, a guy who loves to bang the hell out of women. a refernece to fucking hardcore XXX style.
Yeah i'ma go to this hoe house tonight and RUITG, ya feel meh?
by amandita February 07, 2005
2 2
drunk, high, feeling good, angry, someone who could be dancing around is crunk that day.
We up in the club getting crunk as hell.
by amandita February 07, 2005
4 26
The Grand Central Station of the people. One who is good at both relaxing and partying. Also, founder of Pepsi-Colie.
Person A: Hey, do you know Colita?
Person B: Who?
Person A: You're not cool.
Person C: Woot!
by Amandita November 13, 2003
26 170