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A blueberry is a filler friend with not much personality to add to the group but looks ok mixed in with everyone else. Think of a fruit cup filled with strawberries, grapes, blueberries, etc. Nobody really wants to eat the blueberries, you go straight for the good stuff like the strawberries or kiwi. But the blueberries are nice additives and make the fruit cup overall more full and appealing. A blueberry friend is someone you don't really ever want to hang out with one on one b/c they will bore you to death, but if you're starving or you need more people at a party or event, you will call up all the blueberries. They will get you by but are not ultimately satisfying.
"Let's go out tomorrow night!"
"Ok, but don't invite Angela, she's such a blueberry."
"Well, I was kind of hoping to show up with an entourage."
"Fine, might as well invite her blueberry buddy, Maria, too then."

"I've been going on a lot of dates recently but I feel like I'm walking through the blueberry patch...no keepers, they are all totally meh."

***This works especially nice if the blueberry's name rhymes with blueberry so you can call them Blue ____ from then on.
by AmandaC29 August 07, 2010

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