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bert is the sexiest mann ever i freaken adore him and wanna fuck him sooo fucking bad!!!! the used kicks ass!
i wanna fuck bert mccracken from the used!
by amanda March 07, 2005
An ancronym that has many meanings. Thank God It's Friday is the most popular.

There is also Thank God I'm Female, as well as the others previously mentioned.
Wow, TGIF!
by Amanda November 08, 2003
When your fucking really high
Lets get fucking blown dude!
by Amanda February 14, 2005
being so drunk, basic functions are no longer possible
dude Kate! last night you were swerving!
by amanda September 07, 2003
I have a bad feeling about this but only, this is how canadians would say it.
"Come on do it!" canadian #1.
"But, i've got a bad feeling aboot this!" canadian #2.
by Amanda March 18, 2005
something that is so good, you can't really talk about it without ruining it for you or someone else.
Guy 1: Ahh, man, i went to see that new movie, and it was so...
Guy 2: So what?
Guy 1: Grebbly.
by Amanda July 20, 2004
He´s just to good to be true. He´s my defination of Lovely. What should I do without HIM? They learned me to live my life out. The showed me the way to love. I just wanna say, Ville Valo. Speachless for him.
He´s the god.
by Amanda December 31, 2003

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