272 definitions by Amanda

bert is the sexiest mann ever i freaken adore him and wanna fuck him sooo fucking bad!!!! the used kicks ass!
i wanna fuck bert mccracken from the used!
by amanda March 07, 2005
A real southern girl who can ride a horse,can play an acoustic,listens to country and appriciates a good bowl of grits
Wow,shes a real cowgirl!
by Amanda March 30, 2004
being so drunk, basic functions are no longer possible
dude Kate! last night you were swerving!
by amanda September 07, 2003
When your fucking really high
Lets get fucking blown dude!
by Amanda February 14, 2005
A Tuber is an Underground root system, you morons. It has to do with plant systems.. Wow.
A potato has a tuber growing underneath it in its soil.
by Amanda April 05, 2005
I have a bad feeling about this but only, this is how canadians would say it.
"Come on do it!" canadian #1.
"But, i've got a bad feeling aboot this!" canadian #2.
by Amanda March 18, 2005
The best game to play online ever which is often called THUG.
"I just bought THUG the other day man!"
by Amanda December 28, 2003
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