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A gianourmous, FREAKISHLY huge ton. So much it could feed or be used by a Mormon family.
A 50lb tub of Golden Soft at Costco it totally Mormon sized.

Dude, that 100 pack of Ramen is Mormon sized.

When you go through the drive thru don't Mormon size it, your ass is already fat enough.
by Alyson Clair June 30, 2008
bodangle shiney, dangly object, usually found hanging, or dangling from jewlery, handbags or other items. (bo-dang-le)
Dude, that necklace has a huge bodangle.

Did you see those bodangles hanging off that bag?

The jewlery part of Forever 21 is a bodanglery.

That Gem Sweater is bodangled out!

by Alyson Clair July 10, 2008
It is a melding of the 2 words, nasty and fashion. Coined in a sewing lab many years ago, to describe totally ghetto rigging a garment together to make it look good, not using any actual technique or skill. It has evolved to mean throwing anything together to make it look nice, fashion or non fashion.
That sleeve is WAY too big to be sewn into that armhole, but I nashioned it together.

I am so good at making shit work, I should be called a Nashionista.

I would totally buy that shirt,but I know that designer just nashions everything.

by Alyson Clair September 13, 2008
In reference to a human, non-unicorn, who possesses very long flowing hair. It is usually wavy or curly and moves around when walking, like a horse prancing. Most commonly found on Renaissance fair enthusiasts, and a gentleman on my block that wears velvet blazers daily. Or shorter versions maybe found on business gents, who keep it flowy, but just up front.
Did you catch a sight of the way that guy was prancing around with his unicorn hair?

Her hair was so majestically flowing it looked as though she stole it from a unicorn, wait, it is unicorn hair.

It looks as though he has tamed his flowing locks for business unicorn hair, but the prance is still there.
by Alyson Clair July 16, 2008
Something so wondrous or unlikely of happening that it has to be a miracle from the baby Jesus himself.
Ice-T's wife, Coco has an ass so glorious that is a miracle from the baby Jesus.

Chuck Norris being elected president would be a miracle from the bJesus.
by Alyson Clair September 13, 2008
A very mythical creature, which is a dude, and a unicorn. Much like a Centaur, but with a horn, and the magical powers of a unicorn. Or if a man and a unicorn spent a magical night together, their male offspring would be a Dudeicorn. Sadly, much like a mule they cannot procreate.
At the end of the rainbow you will find many Dudeicorns.

I enjoy riding on my BFF Dudeicorn, because when I hang on, I get to caress his muscles.

My Dudeicorn smells like strippers and shame, that horn is magical.
by Alyson Clair June 08, 2009
The male version of the fine art of shadowdancing. Usually on lit up boxes, in clubs that rock the techno music. Straight men are usually tanked to do this, while the lighter in the feet do it gleefully.
Dude I got so tossed last night, I got up on the box and shadowmanced.

I am so good at shadowmacing that I need a tee-shirt that declares me "SHADOWMANCER".

I totally met a hot guy shadowmancing last night, too bad he turned into a walk of shame.

by Alyson Clair July 16, 2008

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