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Cum is a delicacy to all women. Don't believe what they say when they complain that it is disgusting, etc. They are just masking their intense passion for it. I mean, don't you wonder why they keep going back for more...;-)
I could eat cum for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's delicious and I love feeling it spill down my face and ass.
by Alysa May 11, 2006
Ah, what can be said about the wonder that is the penis? The maker of sweet juices and bringer of ecstatic pleasure? Basically it's God's gift to (wo)mankind that ought to be properly worshipped by all-men, women, and non-gender specific beings (such as protists) alike.

There is no greater pleasure than being allowed permission to bow down before a deliciously juicy and yet uncannily manly Penis for hours on end, it's second only to being the master of one.
by Alysa May 11, 2006

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