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2 definitions by AlwaysCadence

An acronym standing for "love you like a sister", used for close friends of the female gender.

Masculine form: lylabs, as in "Love you like a brother".

Pronounciation: LEE-LA-S.
Lizzy turned to Laura and said happily, "Call you later! Lylas!"
by AlwaysCadence September 01, 2006
An acronym for "love you like a brother/sister" used for close friends for whom you feel a sibling-like bond. Often found in emails, text messaging, etc. Pronounced "LEE-LAS" or "LEE-LAB". Can be modified to fit certain situations,e.g "LYLAPG" for "Love you like a pet goldfish", etc. Also known as simply "Lyla" as a shortened version.

This word was invented by a group of friends in southern New Hampshire, to explain feeling sisterly or brotherly love without actually having to say the entire sentence.

Other word forms: Love You Sister-Wise, Love you Brother-wise.

As Josh left the building, he called out to his friends, "Lylas, Lylab!"
by AlwaysCadence September 01, 2006