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2 definitions by Alvin Simon-Theodore

one hard mother fucker who just wouldnt die, looked on with such desire to have lived a life like him.
sometimes refered to when describing hardness and will to live.
also to describe yourself as a threat should a husband find out your adultery.
hey hey rasputin, you solid mate.

husband: your f*cking my wife.. i'll kill you
you: watch it mate.. they dont call me rasputin for nothing
by Alvin Simon-Theodore March 30, 2005
A festival held every year over easter to celebrate hockey at folkestone hockey club.
a term used to describe elation
can be used to describe one fuck off drinking fest.
also a place where reardon got so drunk he couldnt get it up
yeee haaaaaw! Hockey Fest!

wow that was one hell of a hockey fest

wow remember hockey fest reardon?
by Alvin Simon-Theodore March 30, 2005