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Abbreviated Coded Rendition of Name Yielding Meaning.
A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. is an acronym.
by Alucrix September 27, 2005
The slightly awkward moment when Mark Zuckerberg meets Jesse Eisenberg meets Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live.

Surprisingly, the universe did not implode upon the union of not one, not two, but three bergs.
Andy Samberg: Wait, have you two not met? Awkberg!
by Alucrix January 30, 2011
Term used to describe someone with extreme aesthetic disabilities, although its use is not strictly exclusive to ugly people.

Also used to describe very unlucky people. Like when something bad happens but only to a particular person, he is said to have a face problem because it was only him and no one else had the similiar misfortune.
He was the only person on his paintball team to be shot. The opponents really dont like his face. Poor guy with a face problem.
by Alucrix January 18, 2007

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