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Originating from a typo this noun describes a person mislending gender type but if you can't understand that simply its calling someone a "fag" either in an insulting way or for humor with your friends.
"Dude your such a fagf"
by Alucard721.5 June 16, 2007
To lift the leg, exsposing the crotch fully. Often used in figure skating and ballet.
"Welcome to the national figure skating tournament, the only place women willingly throw a crotchwinger."
by Alucard721.5 June 16, 2007
A slipping of the cup used to protect the testicles caused by not being held in place due to the smallness of the testicles.
Frank was kneed in the balls in football due to a slipcup.
by Alucard721.5 June 16, 2007
N. root word (loli) underaged hentai fetish with bondage and sato masochism entwined.
I found another blogger into loligag
by Alucard721.5 June 15, 2007
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