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To be wank drunk is a sensation solely associated with males who bash one out and suddenly succumb to the sensation of feeling lethargic and sleepy, almost drunk like immediately following a cheeky tug. Whilst males feel knocked out after having shot their loads, the expression wank drunk can also refer to general groginess and lethargy during periods of inactivity and boredom, as if they have just had a tug, are spaced out, and feel like just sleeping.
Alright mate, you look really tired.

Yeah, I'm fucked. I feel wank drunk.
#fucked #knackered #tired #buggered #exhausted
by Alright Mullet September 28, 2010
A fuck doll typically refers to a thin, lithe, cute 'n sexy and slightly ditsy teenage or twenty something girl from Japan. They usually strive to appear western in appearance while essentially maintaining that Japanese look that every man wants to ravage on sight. They have dyed hair, wear short skirts, heeled boots and have huge sex appeal that brings out the animal instinct in every man who lays his eyes on her, thus the instantaneous urge to fuck the pretty little things hard.
Fucking hell! Did you see her..? She's a right little fuck doll!
#filth bucket #japanese slut #sexy bitch #sexy slut #dirty bitch
by Alright Mullet July 20, 2010
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