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1 definition by Alphabettx

Williamsville North - crappy high school in williamsville NY, a 99% white suburb outside of Buffalo, NY. Majority of students are borderline retarded and constantly refer the the numbers 420 and 69...also many students have an obsession with making this clicking sound with their hands that originated from the Ali G show and somehow pertains to chewing tobacco. The administration is horrible, and the school is purposely set up so you constantly get tardies and end up in detention or restriction with that one fatass woman...students have excessive school spirit for such a stupid place..and there is a serious shortage of hot latino girls
the school slogan is "do it up"
also brimming with arrogant asian kids, and drugs are very popular amongst about 69% of the school's population
"Yo i just graduated from williamsville north, man we did it up all day every class, it was so beat"

by Alphabettx October 04, 2006