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the name of a product, used in the lubrication and assembly of hub and spigot pipe. applied to the inside of a gasket that has been placed inside of a hub end and on the outside of the spigot end prior to joining to ease the process along. duck butter itself is comprised of water soluble vegetable shortening.
pass the duck butter and grab the pry bar, we're getting this done today.
by Alpha Raptor July 21, 2008
Gordon Freeman in Half life 2 (substance mod). Gordon now has bullet time and alot of weapons for him to go crazy with. he is stronger, faster and ready to destroy the Combine Citadel. Truelly traveling faster than light he pwns the Combine forces, and some times he goes into Uber Flash Gordan mode which lets him be invincible and noclip through walls(sv_cheats 1) Saver of earth, scientist, bullet time maniac, overall cool guy.
Flash Gordan just threw Dr. Breen out of the Citadel window, and then flying down after Breen to kill him and make an awsome matrix style landing from about 2 miles in the sky.
by Alpha Raptor May 11, 2005

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