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1. Something that is better than a Llama
2. Something that is better than you
by Alpaca Lenny April 09, 2003
One who eats all of something except for a small remaining amount, so they aren't blamed for eating it all.
"Don't look at me I saw George here eat the last one".
by Alpaca Lenny February 06, 2005
The coolest saying ever to grace the planet of the Apes.
He slew me, your mother!
by Alpaca Lenny November 11, 2004
One who loudly and proudly announces the onset of a Netsplit, when everybody is already aware of it.
Quit: Person (netsplit)
Quit: Person2 (netsplit)
Quit: Person3 (netsplit)
Quit: Person4 (netsplit)
Quit: Person5 (netsplit)
<Idiot> we're having a netsplit.
by Alpaca Lenny January 19, 2005
An obese middle-aged man who spends a great deal of time using and/or tinkering with Linux.
<14fark> asl?
<oldman> 40/m/NY
<14fark> wat u doin?
<oldman> i just finished tinkering with the linux kernel
<14fark> omg linerd!
by Alpaca Lenny January 31, 2005
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