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n unscrupulously accusing people of disloyalty (as by saying they were Communists).

In 1947, President Truman had ordered background checks of every civilian in service to the government. When Alger Hiss, a high-ranking State Department official was convicted on espionage charges, fear of communists intensified.

(McCarthy) capitalized on national paranoia by proclaiming that COMMUNIST SPIES were omnipresent and that he was America's only salvation.

Don't criticize the United States. Don't be different. Just conform.
Asshole:"are you now or have you ever been apart of the communist party?"
asshole: "Give me names of people you know who might not be a conformist!"
innocent: "I know noone like that."
asshole: "You liar! you're going to prison! and one way or another you're gonna learn how to be someones bitch!"
by Almahawk January 12, 2005

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