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Charlie Manson is a great man, and he was not a 'satanist' by any standards. Listen to his music, listen to him speak on mansondirect.com/mansonlive.html .. You people who bash him constantly make me sick. I support and agree with this man wholeheartedly, and you should too.

"If you try to tell the real truth THEY will tell the world you are a madman." -CM
"There's only one mind - and it aint got no color - that's why I told you you gotta be reborn. You only got one people, man. I mean there are differences in nature - a cocker spaniel is not a sheep dog and a sheep dog is not a pit bull - but you can't rightly judge one thing against another. People become opressed going one way - and it makes them grow strong, and then they come back on top and push the ones that oppressed them down and they get stronger and come back around. Every race and every people have had their turn. Everyone has been the bad guy and everyone has been the good guy. Everybody's had a turn around the may pole. Now it's time to put one world in one thought for life, because if we don't - there's gonna be no trees left, there's gonna be no wildlife left. No people of no color are gonna have anything left - because money is tearing up everything. There's gonna be nothing in the ocean but a bunch of pollution, sewage, and tons and tons of garbage. I ain't got no aspirations to do nothing, but I know, I'm aware. I understand what God is and I know he lives in man. If we don't wake up pretty soon, there's gonna be nothing left to wake up to." -Charles Manson himself
by Allykat July 18, 2006

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