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2 definitions by AllyUrbanDict

1) How Urban Dictionary is fondly known between frequent visitors of the site.

2) All you need bother to type into google to find Urban Dictionary.

3) A way of finding out what ridiculous words you've never heard before mean within the online community, so they can be transferred into one's very own real, or indeed virtual conversations, to make one appear down with the kids.
1) Alex - "You so stole that word from me!"
Yash - "No way! i got it from urban Dict!"
Alex - "yeh me too... ¬_¬"

2) "search=Urban Dict"

3) "What the HELL does that mean???"
"ugh, Urban Dict it idiot ¬_¬"
by AllyUrbanDict October 05, 2007
East London slang for "Blatantly".

1.Can be used to point out something ridiculously obvious.

2.Also has hilarious results when used with sarcasm.
1."He blaites likes you babe."

2."Fancy some bocatting fun?"
by AllyUrbanDict October 05, 2007